Land and Sea

As I work I respond to the clay's ability to reflect and express my physical tactile and spatial experiences-of figures in space, of sea and land, rocks and mountains and the whole gutsy feeling of life. The clay does the talking and I just let it as it makes images expressing the dynamism of places I have visited, of rock coves, of cliffs and shores, hills and caves.

SEA CAVE- oxidised stoneware sculpture with blue and green glazes. private collection.

SEA AND ROCK- oxidised stoneware sculpture fired in an electric kiln to 1240 degrees centigrade. (available, see store)

PASSAGE 3- stoneware fired in an electric kiln to 1240 centigrade, blue and green glazes and metal oxides. mounted on mirror glass inset in a plywood plinth. (see store)

PASSAGE 1- oxidised stoneware with glazes and oxides. (available, see store)

BREAKWATER- stoneware with glazes and oxides. private collection.

COVE 1- stoneware with oxides and glazes fired to 1240c. (available see store)

SEA BOWL- stoneware with blueand green glazes and oxdes. private collection.

SEA WALL- stoneware with glazes, 1240 degrees C. private collection.