Figurative Sculpture

The dynamics of movement through space, of dancers making living sculpure as they move, of the body language of figure groups in public spaces, of an individuals gait, all excite and interest me.

DONT LOOK NOW- coiled stoneware, wood fired to 1300 centigrade. Now installed as a garden sculpture in a private collection.

PULLING APART- coiled stoneware sculpture, fired over 4 days in an anagama wood firing kiln. All glaze effects are from wood ash landing on the work during the firing.

EVERY WHICH WAY- colied wood fired stoneware, fired over 4 days in an anagama kiln. Now in the collection of a public park.


CLOSE ENCOUNTERS- coiled wood fired stoneware sculpture, fired in an anagama kiln over 4 days.


VIOLINIST- stoneware wood fired sculpture, natural ash glazes. 76 cms tall. Private collection.

Lovers1, view2.JPG

LOVERS- stoneware coiled sculpture, wood fired over 4 days in an anagama kiln. 80 cms tall. private collection.