As I work I respond to the clay's ability to reflect and express my physical, tactile and spatial experiences  Experiences of figures in space, of sea and land, rocks and mountains and the whole gutsy feeling of life.

Much of my work is wood fired, some is fired in an electric kiln and some in a gas kiln but all is stoneware.

My sculpture now focuses on three sources of inspiration, land/sea scape, city scape (slab forms with the patina of industrial and urban detritus), and the dance of life (human forms).

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somewhere in the remote past

Chesterfield College of Art

Bretton Hall College of Education

Sheffield Hallam University


pre-diploma in Art and Design

Certificate in Education, Leeds

Certicicate in Ceramics, Sheffield

Batchelor of Arts, Fine Art, Sheffield

Master of Arts, Art and Design, Sheffield



Bolsover castle Bolsover, Merlin Theatre Sheffield, The Art House Sheffield, Cupola Gallery Sheffield


Too numerous to list all but include site specific exhibitions I have organised at Sheffield and Selby Cathedral and Abbey, Museum of Ceramics at Sadirac, Bourdeaux, Bend in The River Gainsborough,  Potfest in the Pens Penrith, Art In the Pens Skipton and Thirsk, Art in Clay Hatfield, Staithes Festival, Wirksworth Festival, Earth and Fire Rufford, Gallery 6 Newark, Art in the Gardens Sheffield, Millenium Gallery Sheffield, Graves Gallery Sheffield, Cartwright Hall Bradford, Sheffield Ceramics Festival, Mill Bridge Gallery Skipton, Pineapple Gallery Bishop Auckland,etc.

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